In order to meet customers’s needs, we can provide different types of liquid cargo tank insulation solutions.

SSUNIQ IMO type B cargo tank insulation system, it includes a few patents belong to SSUNIQ. This insulation system has a small leak detection system that can satisfy the requirements of IGC IGF code to secondary barriers.

Compare to the traditional panel insulation system, SSUNIQ new type B cargo tank insulation system does not need stud welding to fix insulation to the tank. In addition, the bonded system has no convection and improves the insulation efficiency. The seamless reinforced insulation system creates a strong composite contracting/expanding with the tank.

The outer insulation surface is design for high mechanical resistance and seamless vapor barrier fully bonded to the insulation. SSUNIQ IMO type A cargo tank insulation system can detect and trace gas tank leakage when damage occurs. It provides the early warning required.